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Complete the sentences.

Example : Yasir is  older (old) than Ammar.
1. A tiger is    (big) than a cat.
2. Good health is    (important) than money.
3. Abil is    (fat) than his brother.
4. I think English is    (easy) than math.
5. Jakarta is   (hot) than Bandung.
6. The Nile river is   (long) than the Mississippi.
7. These exercises are   (difficult) than some of the others.
8. Alice is much   (clever) than her sister.
9. A buffalo is   (strong) than a goat.
10. A baseball is   (small) than a soccer ball.
11. Sisca is    (young) than Asni.
12. Your car is   (expensive) than my car.

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