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Conditional Sentences

Complete the following conditional sentences.

Example :
If you study hard, you will pass the exam.
If you studied hard, you would pass the exam.
If you had studied hard, you would have passed the exam.

1. If they invite me, I (go) with them.
2. If she had been there, she  (see) me.
3. If I had a driving license, I   (drive) to Bandung.
4. If she works hard, she  (succeed) in her business.
5. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, we  (go) fishing.
6. If Abil had called his mother, she  (be) happy.
7. They will go to the beach if the weather  (be) nice.
8. I would ask you if I   (not, understand).
9. I would have come to your party if I   (receive) your massage.
10. John   (buy) a book tomorrow if his father gives his the money.
11. Wihda  (be) sad if her sister weren’t here.
12. Diah would have been angry if I  (not, come).
13. If it rains, they   (not, go).
14. If you  (lend)  the money I would have bought the bicycle.
15. I will come with you if I  (be, not) busy.

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