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Future Continuous

Exercise 1 :

Lengkapi kalimat seperti contoh.

Contoh :
At nine o’clock tomorrow morning, we     (have) music lesson.

1. Dias     (work) from 4pm to 6pm tomorrow.
2. Take an umbrella with you. It     (rain) when you return.
3. If you come at noon, we     (eat) lunch.
4. Please, don't come at 10 o'clock. I     (sleep) at that time.
5. This time tomorrow, I     (lie) on the beach.
6. Don’t phone Lucy now, she     (attend) the meeting.
7. I     (wait) for you at the train station when you arrive.
8. I     (see) Ann tomorrow at the office.
9. I     (work) all day tomorrow, so I won’t have time to go out.
10. I     (play) badminton tennis at 8 am tomorrow.
11. Don’t come round tonight because I     (study).
12. Tonight at 11 p.m, we     (dance) at the party.

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