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Future Perfect

Exercise 1 :

Lengkapi kalimat seperti contoh.

Contoh :
We     (do) the washing by 8 o'clock.

1. By December, Alice     (save) enough money to buy acomputer.
2. I am sure they     (complete) the new road by the end of this year.
3. Helen     (write) her essay by tomorrow.
4. I     (arrive) at the office by 9.
5. He     (pay) all the debt by October 2.
6. By the time I go to bed tomorrow, I     (do) my homework.
7. When My father retires next year, he     (teach) for 30 years.
8. Don’t worry about this work. By the time you get back, we    (take) care
of everything.
9. By this time next month I     (cross) three oceans.
10. Next month we     (be) in the United States for three years.
11. By the end of the semester, your English     (improve) tremendously.
12. The builders say they     (finish) the roof by Tuesday.

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