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Future Perfect Continuous

Exercise 1 :

1. By the time I finish work, I     (type) for three hours without stopping.
2. When Harry gets his degree, he     (study) for four years.
3. By three o’clock this afternoon, they     (play) cards for four hours.
4. George     (travel) for six days when he reaches Maroko.
5. By next month Betty     (work) at the library for one year.
6. Jane     (practice) grammar for three months
when she finishes this course.
7. I     (teach) at ILP for ten years by the end of this year.
8. By next Sunday, Asni    (stay) in Pondok Gede for two weeks.
9. Fred     (attend) English class for three years
by the time the examination is given.
10. By nightfall we     (work) nine hours without a rest.

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