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Passive Voice

1. What’s the matter with her?
  ‘Since _____ the news, she has been terribly sad.’
A. she tells D. she was telling
B. she was told E. has been told
C. to be told
2. Dr. James H. Billing ton, Librarian of congress, ________ as commissioner of the U.S. National Commission to UNESCO in 2003.
  A. was nominated D. he nominated
B. had been nominated E. who was nominated
C. nominated
3.  ‘I couldn’t find the office janitor in the pantry this morning.’
‘O, he _________ by his supervisor for the damage of some electrical cleaning tools.’
A. to question D. was questioning
B. was being questioned
E. was to be questioned
  C. to be questioned
SPMB 2007
4. ‘Did the travelers at last manage to continue their cross-country trip?’
‘Oh yes, after the old radiator _____.’
A. is replaced D. to be replaced
B. has been replaced E. had been replaced
C. is being replaced
SPMB 2005 Regional I
5. ‘Last night a thief broke into my brother’s house.’
‘Really? What ____ from the house?’
  A. he took D. was taking
B. it was taken E. was taken
C. was being taken
SPMB 2004 Regional I
‘Do you know that the math teacher has to attend a meeting at twelve?’
  ‘Wow, so the class _____’
A. be dismissed D. will be dismissed
B. will dismiss E. will be dismissing
C. they will dismiss it
SPMB 2004 Regional I
7. ‘How long did he have to undergo the radiation treatments?’
‘Four a month. They _____ until he was dismissed from the hospital.’
A. gave daily D. to give it daily
B.to be given daily E. were given daily
C. were giving daily
SPMB 2004 Regional II
8. ‘What time will the delayed plane depart?’
‘They say it _____ soon.’
A. will announce D. announces
B. is to announce E. will be announced
C. to be announced
SPMB 2004 Regional III
9. ‘Did you get the cheap second-hand computer advertised  in the newspaper?’
  ‘No luck.  It _____ when I called them.’
A. had been sold D. were sold
B. has been sold E. is sold
C. is being sold
SPMB 2003 Regional I
10. ‘I’d like to book three standard rooms for next week, please.’
‘I’m sorry, Sir, our hotel _____ until the end of the month.’
A. it is fully booked D. booking it fully
B. we book if fully E. to be fully booked
C. is fully booked
SPMB 2003 Regional I,II & III
11. ’Is my car ready?’
‘I’m sorry, _____ because we didn’t get the spare parts until today.’
A. we have fixed it D. we still fixed it
B. it is still fixing E. it is being fixed
C. still being fixed
SPMB 2002 Regional I
12. ‘Why aren’t you driving your own car?’
  ‘It_____ ‘
A. has sold D. has been sold
B. has to sell E. has to be sold
C. has been selling
13. I am still waiting _____ for an interview.
A. to be called D. to call
B. be called E. called
C. be calling
14. ‘Why does the baby next-door keep crying?’
‘As usual, it _____ by the babysitter.’
A. is neglecting D. is to be neglected
B. is neglected E. is to neglect
C. neglects
15. The President Director agreed that the performance of the company has not been good these past few years. In  fact, its
  organization _____ now for improvements.
A. restructured D. is being restructured
B. is restructuring E. restructuring
C. is to restructure

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