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Past Continuous

Exercise 1 :

1. The bus     (go) very fast when it hit my motorcycle.
2. As we     (cross) the street, the policeman shouted at us.
3. Last night at nine o'clock, Daud     (still/ read) a comic.
4. Fred     (sit) in the cafeteria with Helen when I saw them.
5. The telephone rang when I     (take) a bath.
6. Arif and his wife     (have) lunch when I stopped at their home this afternoon.
7. At 8.30am today I     (drive) to work.
8. When we left home, our children     (still/ sleep)
9. I got sick when I     (drive) to my hometown.
10. I     (just/watch) TV when you phoned me.
11. When we got up this morning, the sun     (shine) brightly.
12. Frank fell off the ladder when he     (pick) mangoes.
13. When we     (travel) around Middle East, the war broke out.
14. What     (do / you) yesterday at 8 pm?
15. I     (have) lunch, when the phone suddenly rang.

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