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Past Perfect

Exercise 1 :

1. After I     (do) the washing-up, I phoned one of my classmates.
2. The show     (already, start) when we arrived.
3. Fafa wasn't hungry when she came home from school.
She     (eat) on her way home from school.
4. He told us that the train     (leave).
5. I thought I     (met) her before, but I was wrong.
6. He said that he     (have) his lunch.
7. She said that she     (be) there the night before.
8. They     (study) with Miss Fauziah previously.
9. Who     (be) there before you?
10. He told me that he     (see) the movie.
11. By six o’clock, they     (finish) the work.
12. Fina     (finish) the work by the time I saw her.
13. His mother was angry because he     (not / help) her with the shopping.
14. I lost the key that he     (give) to me.
15. Did she find out that you     (be) there?
16. She told me that she     ((see) a ghost
17. I     (leave) the house before you called.
18. John knew that he     (make) a serious mistake.
19. I went to Libya where I     (not / be) before.
20. It was clear that Helen     (give) us the wrong address.
21. Frank went downstairs because he     (hear) a noise.
22. Before the police arrived, the robbers     (run).

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