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Past Simple VS Past Perfect

Exercise 1 :

Use past simple or past perfect.

Example :
Class     (already, begin) by the time I     (get) there.

1. By the time I     (get) to the airport the plane     (already, take) off.
2. The telephone     (ring) ten times before Patsy finally     (answer) it.
3. Rica     (send) a letter to her university after she     (receive) her scholarship check.
4. The teacher     (review) the material before he     (give) the quiz.
5. I suddenly     (remember) that I     (forget) my keys.
6. Tati     (miss) the party because no-one     (tell) her about it.
7. John     (spend) all his money before he     (come).
8. The police    that they     (capture) the thief.
9. Ari     (finish) the work by the time I     (see) him.
10. When the police     (arrive) the burglar     (disappear).
11. By the time class     (be) over, the rain     (stop).
12. He     (say) that he     (look) everywhere for the book.
13. The waiter     (serve) something that we     (not order).
14. They     (not, be) there before, so they     (not, know) what to do.
15. After Fred     (brush) his teeth, he     (go) to bed.


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