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Past Simple VS Present Perfect

Exercise 1 :

Supply the correct tense, Past Simple or Present Perfect.

1. I     (see) him several times.
2. They     (leave) for Kuala Lumpur last week.
3. Try not to be absent from class again. You     (already, miss)
too many classes.
4. My father     (be) to Pontianak twice.
5. I     (take) a bath yet.
6. We     (go) to Dubai last summer.
7. My uncle is at hospital. He     (be) sick for two weeks.
8. Last night my parents    (not, be) at home.
9. I     (not, practice) my English since I came here.
10. Two years ago Ammar     (visit) several countries in Africa.
11. Up to now my parents     (be) to Mecca yet. I hope they can go there next year.
12. This morning my secretary     (not, arrive) on time.
13. Asni     (move) to Sidney three years ago.
14. Alice     (know) me for years.
15. Last night I phoned you. But nobody answered. Where     (be, you)?

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