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Past Simple VS Past Continuous

Exercise 1 :

Example :
I     (talk) with my wife when Lucy     (enter).

1. While My sister and I     (listen) to the radio there     (be)
a power-cut.
2. When we     (arrived) they     (eat) dinner.
3. He     (cut) her finger while he     (peel) a mango.
4. I     (jog) in the park, when two squirrels     (cross) my way.
5. While Mary     (take) her English lesson, her friend     (phone)
6. She     (work) in Hongkong when her father     (die).
7. While Rudi     (watch) TV in the living room, his sister     (do)
her homework in the bedroom.
8. We    (climb) the mountain when it     (start) to rain.
9. When I     (leave) the house this morning it     (rain) hard.
10. While Iif     (wait) for the bus, a man     (grab) her handbag.
11. Someone     (knock) on the door while I     (take) a bath.
12. While Sisca     (clean) the apartment her husband     (sleep).
13. The sun     (shine) when we     (get) up this morning.
14. He     (break) his leg while he     (play) soccer.
15. While I     (try) to get my car started, a passing car     (stop)
and the driver     (offer) to help me.


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