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Present Perfect, Past Perfect, or Future Perfect

Exercise 1 :

1. I am hungry. I     (not, eat,) yet.
2. We got to the station late. The train     (already, leave).
3. I     (meet) several people since I came here last month.
4. We     (finish) before you get back.
5. Rachel didn’t want to go to Anyer with us because she     (already, watch) the film.
6. By the end of this year, we     (move) house.
7. Tanti is sleepy, but she can’t go to bed now. She     (not, finish)her homework yet.
8. I don’t know where Alice is. I    (see) her.
9. Don’t worry. Safina     (complete) the project before the deadline.
10. When Simon got home last night, he found that somebody     (break) into the window.
11. Yasir     (be) in Sidney for eight months by the time he comes back to Indonesia.
12. You can come to my office at 8.30 am. I     (arrive) there by 8.30.
13. She knew that she     (make) a serious mistake.
14. I     (lose) my key. I can’t find it anywhere.
15. The house was dirty. They     (not, clean) it.
16. You     (perfect) your English by the time you come back from SAGARA English Camp.

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