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Present Simple VS Present Continuous

Exercise 1 :

Supply the correct tense, Present Simple or Present Continuous.

1. Listen. Susi     (sing) in the bedroom.
2. I seldom     (give) a present to Yasir on his birthday.
3. I     (have) only a dollar now.
4. Ammar and Alwi     (attend) class everyday.
5. He     (always, leave) dirty dishes in my bedroom!
Who does he think I am? His maid?  
6. Abil can’t answer the phone because he     (take) a bath right now.
7. My wife usually     (go) to bed at nine.
8. Look at Jason. He    (learn) to ride a bike.
9. I am thirsty now. I     (need) some water.
10. The teacher often     (not, start) on time.
11. Tomorrow we     (go) to Brebes.
12. Mubarok is on the phone. He     (talk) to his wife.
13. You     (look) pale, Toni. What’s the matter.
14. Water     (consist) of hydrogen and oxygen.
15. Please be quite. I     (try) to concentrate.

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