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1. ‘Let’s go to the educational fair tomorrow.’
  ‘_________, but I’m afraid I can’t.’
A. You should tell me D. I might go
B. I really wish I could E. That’s a good idea
C. That’s fine with me
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2. ‘You look tired. Why don’t you take a rest?’
  ‘I wish ____ ; I still have to finish this report’
  A. I would be able D. I could
B. I can E. I had been able
C. I will be able to
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3.  He orders people around as if he were the owner of the restaurant.
  From the above statement we may conclude that ______
A. He has worked hard to own the restaurant. D. He is just an ordinary employee
B. He has been the owner for years.
E. He is a successful  businessman
  C. He is very proud of his restaurant
4. ‘Is Evi still sick?’
  ‘Yes, I wish she _____  here now to help me type the report.’
A. is D. had been
B. will be E. would be
C. were
5. Bill  has been working for this bookstore for many years, and now he acts as if he were the owner.
  From this sentence we may conclude that: _____
  A. Bill is an honest man D. Bill is not the owner of the store
B. Bill has become a rich man E. Bill is the one whom the owner trusts
C. Bill is a shareholder
I am sorry I can’t go to the airport to see your mother off. I wish I ___ to work overtime tonight.
A. wouldn’t have D. hadn’t had
B. haven’t had E. don’t have
C. won’t have
7. Hamid has won a medal for swimming. I wish I ____ as good as he is.
A. were D. should  be
B. will be E. am
C. can  be
8. ‘Did you get a compensation for your car?’
  ‘No I didn’t. If only _____
A. I would insure it D. I had insured it
B. I have insured it E. I should insured it
C. I wouldn’t insure it
9. He is the cleverest student in the class. I wish I _____ as clever as he  is.
A. am D. would be
B. was E. can be
C. were
10. Mother said to our guest, ‘ I wish you ____ leave now.’
A. didn’t have to D. aren’t having to
B. weren’t having to E. won’t have to
C. I haven’t got to
11. I am very sad to hear that. I can’t say anything; but I really wish I ____
A. am glad D. had time to help him
B. have time to help him E. will help him
C. can give him any kind of help
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12. John was very sorry he didn’t know the answer, but he really wish he ____
A. knows D. will know
B. knew E. had known
C. has known
PP I / 1983
13. One of the girl students went to the blackboard as if she had known how to do the maths.
  The underlined words means :
A. She actually couldn’t do the math D. she should know how to do the math
B. She ought to know how to do the math E. She succeeded in doing the math
C. She definitely knew how to do the math
PP I / 1982

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