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Complete the sentences.

Example : Adit is the youngest (young) student in our class.
1. Jakarta is  (large) city in Indonesia.
2. January is   (cold) month of the year.
3. Mt.Everest is   (high) mountain in the world.
4. February is   (short) month of the year.
5. Sandi is   (ambitious) boy I know.
6. In my opinion, Bali is   (beautiful) island in the world.
7. Obama is   (famous) person in the world.
8. Physics is   (difficult) subject.
9. This mosque is   (old) building in this town.
10. It is   (nice) room in this hotel.
11. He is   (dangerous) criminal in my country.
12. It’s   (delicious) fried rice I’ve ever had.

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